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#Vastu #Business
18 Vastu commandments for a highly successful business
Bangalore Niranjan Babu
An improper Vastu usually leads to business loss or unnecessary leakage in finances.This article will introduce you to a few vastu principles related to your business - and tips, whether you are a small time entrepreneur, or the CEO of a large corporation.
#Vedas #Jataka
Demystifying Vedic Knowledge
In this issue:
  1. Step by step guide to worshipping Vinayaka - the eradicator of obstacles.
  2. Kumbhabhishekam - How idols have to be sculpted?
  3. Insights into Veda and Agama tradition.
  4. The strange temple of Duryodana.
#Jataka #Mars #Saturn
Effects of Mars-Saturn Conjunction in Scorpio
Dr E S Neelakantan
One of the most striking features of the Durmukhi year transits is the Mars-Saturn conjunction. In this article, the author discusses the major aspects of this conjunction and how it is going to influence the world at large.
#Jataka #Mercury
Conception and its importance
B. Lakshminarain Rao, B.A.
Matters about sex form a separate literature and the number of books is simply voluminous.The author writes exhaustively about the time of conception, suitable time for sexual act etc in order to conceive correctly.
#Jataka #Mundane Astrology #Mars #Saturn
Mars Saturn Conjunction and Political Astrology
Sainatha Gandlur
The effects of planets are found to be powerful too. Saturn brings about painful changes. Mars is youth vigor, an achiever. Rahu is fear and poison. How does this impact the world?
#Ramayana #Vedas
Mysteries of Ramayana
Shyamasundara Dasa
The author writes about the real reason Sita was exiled by Rama.

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