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Will Agriculture suffer? Does India need to go to war? Will ISIS make things worse? Dr. E. S. Neelakantan shares his detailed interpretation.

Future of India and other Nations. Astrological analysis.

Dr. E. S. Neelakantan

The forthcoming year Durmukhi throws up lots of interesting possibilities with the thoughts of a sinister Mars-Saturn conjunction looming large over the world. Two sinister conjunctions viz., Mars-Saturn and Jupiter-Rahu vitiate the cosmic landscape adding to the woes of a troubled world which is looking for succor, economically, socially and politically. What does the Hindu year Durmukhi, hold for the world? This we will try to unravel in the course of this article.

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There are three methods by which prospects for the forthcoming year can be forecast. They are as follows:

  1. Forecasts based on Lunar year
  2. Forecasts based on Solar Year and
  3. Inclusive methodology

The “Navanayagar” theory is one which gives clues on how the year could be the masses. The king of the year is Venus. As the lunar year commences on April 7, 2016 at 16.54 IST which is a Thursday, the Pratipada or the first lunar day commences on a Friday at sunrise. Friday is ruled by Venus making it the king of the year.

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