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Read about the role of Saturn in vedic astrology and its negative and positive effects on us.

Saturn in different houses and results

Gopal Krishna Sharma

IN Astrology, Saturn is known as the son of the mighty planet the Sun. He is a slow-moving planet as he takes about 30 months to cross one tign. Saturn rules over Capricorn and Aquarius. His exaltation and debilitation signs are Libra and Aries respectively.

Many persons consider Saturn as a dreaded planet and fear a lot from his malefic effects. However, it is not so bad as the people believe.

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Saturn-gifted people usually have adventures in their lives. They face sudden changes (good and bad) in life. They are wise and held in high esteem in society, rich owners of landed property, dashing and successful in political affairs. They have to face many obstacles and dangers through false friends.

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