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Jagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji

Dakshinamnaya Sri Sharada Peetham, Sringeri

Stay in the Right Path

Bhagavan Krishna Paramatma says in the Gita:

यद्यदाचरति श्रेष्ठस्तत्तदेवेतरो जनः

That is, people follow those who are capable of showing the right path to others. Hence, those in high positions should always tread the path of dharma. If they falter even slightly, it will greatly affect others also.

In the Raghuvamsha of Kalidasa, Maharaja Dileepa completed 99 Ashwamedha Yagas and was commencing the hundredth. On its completion, he could attain the status of Indra. But Devendra, who did not want that to happen, captured the yaga-horse.

At this, the crown-prince Raghu, the son of Maharaja Dileepa says to Devendra:

पथः श्रुतेर्दर्शयितार ईश्वरा मलीमसामाददते न पद्धतिम् -

“Noble people, who have to show the correct way to others, will not themselves indulge in wrong pursuits. Will they?”

Therefore, in whatever position one is, one should follow the dharmic path. On the other hand, one who forgets it and performs wrong deeds thinking that no-body should question him, will not be respected by anybody.

Let everybody understand this truth and, irrespective of one’s status, stay in Sanmarga (right path) and attain Shreyas.

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