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There are three important verses in Surya Siddhanta and which we can help increase the accuracy of astrological predictions.

Three Strange Verses in Surya Siddhanta and Accurate Astrological Predictions

R. V. Vaidya

THE Indian Almanac makers of the present day follow the Nirayan system for calculating planets' places. The History of Indian Astronomy shows that the Indians definitely followed the Sayan system upto the time of Surya-Siddhanta (S.S.) (SeeuDikshit", pages 417 to 419). The later astronomers, however, appear to have adopted the Nirayana system. It is curious to note that scholars, interested in Panchang controversy, point out to a group of three verses in Surya- Siddhant (S.S.) as their ground for adopting the Ayanamsas.

In the following brief article, I'll show :

  1. That these verses were not composed by the author of S.S. but have been interpolated by some later astronomer and
  2. That they do not advocate the use of a correction (Ayanasamskara) to be applied to the Sayan longitudes of planets, but
  3. That, in reality, they propound a very important theorem which has hitherto remained unknown to the Indian Astronomers.

Astrology and Profession

The following verses supposed to be written by the author of S.S.,....

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