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फलानि ग्रहचारेण सूचयन्ति मनीषिणः ।
को वक्ता तारतम्यस्य तमेकं वेधसं विना ॥

April 2020 issue

The Astrological eMagazine

Editor’s Note

Dear Readers,

I wish you all a very happy Akshaya Tritiya, Rama Navami and Hanuman Jayanti. April has more in store. It is the month when few states like Kerala, Orissa, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Bengal celebrate New Year.

Like always, we begin this edition with a glimpse of Akshaya Tritiya and its significance. Akshaya Tritiya is observed on the third lunar day in the bright half of the month of Vaishaka. In 2020, Tritiya begins at 11.53 am on April 25, 2020 and extends till 13.23 on April 26. Akshaya Tritiya is that day of the year where all the 6 groups of energies in the world coincide and their amplitude is almost NIL. It is one of the most favourable day to carry out as many auspicious events as possible.

In the cover story of this edition, Barry Rosen dwells on the secret powers of the 11th house. Parashara in his magnum opus, Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra say –

नानावस्तुभवस्यापि पुत्रजायादिकस्य च ।
आयं वृद्धिं पशूनां च भवस्थानान्निरीक्षणम्

Possession of various materials articles, success through children, fixed assets like property and vehicles etc are to be seen from the 11th house. Barry takes this to the next leve. He tell us that the 11th house is the most treasured of the houses. It is said that all planets do well herein and fulfil our desires. It is connected to gains from work as it is 2nd from the 10th house. Besides the uplifting and positive impact with respect to expressing your talents to the world, it is a much more complicated house than most astrologers will admit, as it is 6th from the 6th house. This can cause health problems and it is also connected to our associations and our karma with them, which is not always pleasant. In Part 1 of the article, Barry Rosen discusses the much over-looked connection of the 11th house to society and community and in Part 2 deals with what the 11th house reveals about one's income and the ability to fulfil desires.

The April 2020 issue would be incomplete if we do not cover about Coronavirus. The havoc that Coronavirus has created on the world across all areas – Financial, Political, Educational, Religious and personal - cannot be ignored. It’s there. It’s for real. And it’s going to last for a while. We have done a detailed coverage of the crisis from an Astrological perspective. The planetary position of Sun, Jupiter, Ketu and Mercury in a conjunction in Dhanus (Sagittarius) makes it worse and there is a reason why we are on the frontline of such a deadly virus. Kathir Subbiah popularly known for his predictions shares his perspective on what lies ahead in times of coronavirus. In view of the series of events around Coronavirus that took place, beginning December 2019 till date, I have written an in-depth analysis from an Astrological perspective. The conjunction and war of Jupiter and Ketu has become more dreadful, only the context and style is different. Non-living instruments like bombs and guns are replaced by living organisms. The deadly coronavirus has attacked and is destroying lives and wealth, quietly affecting the human immune system. Can this outbreak be controlled? Is there a cure to fight against it? The good news is, yes. A cure is more likely to be discovered when Jupiter comes back to Sagittarius around June-July 2020.

On the relationship front, we have Ramadas H Rao, sharing his knowledge on predicting love marriages through Naadi Astrology. Nowadays, parents are left with less or no choice in making marriage decisions for their children when it comes to love marriage. It will be in the best interest of everyone if parents understand the children’s views and guide them in the right direction in choosing the life partner. Sometimes, due to a lack of foresight and understanding of repercussions, such decisions may not result in long-lasting marriages. Thus, it is critical to do a thorough study of horoscopes to avoid any disappointments and make the right decisions for a happy marriage. Naadi Astrology is an ancient and deep study that can offer accurate predictions in determining the possibilities of love marriage in individuals. The article is an in-depth analysis of two charts where H. Ramadas Rao has used Naadi astrology and accurately predicted an inter-caste marriage in one case and a second marriage in the other case.

Eclipses are considered a bad omen. History shares a lot of stories about the impact of eclipses on an individual’s health, sometimes leading to death. Nemani Venkata Raghunatha Rao takes 6 examples of Catholic Religious Leaders (Pope) and analyzes how the Eclipses – solar and lunar, have affected their health and led to death. He also enumerates the principles that one can apply to in the future. We all know that today’s youth play a critical role in deciding the country’s future. It is of utmost importance to provide correct guidance to the youth, so they get a better understanding of their lives and live a meaningful and successful life. This cannot happen overnight and without intensive involvement of elders and the learned astrologers.

Dr. N. Chandrashekar, in his article on youth counseling, provides a critical perspective on how the elders and astrologers should take this seriously and work towards equipping themselves better in guiding and counseling the youth for a better future.

We are happy to share the program details of 70th Varadanti of Jagadguru Sri Bharathi Thirtha Maha Sannidanam of Sringeri. In such turbulent times, we wish all readers to stay safe and healthy.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue. If you would like to share your views with us, feel free to reach out to me at

Raman Suprajarama

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