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फलानि ग्रहचारेण सूचयन्ति मनीषिणः ।
को वक्ता तारतम्यस्य तमेकं वेधसं विना ॥

June 2020 issue

The Astrological eMagazine

The Astrological eMagazine June 2020 Table of Contents

Editor’s Note

Dear Readers,

June 2020 issue of The Astrological eMagazine

With global COVID-19 cases surging to 4.5 million and death toll touching 2.5 lakh worldwide, the devastation is above and beyond human mankind could imagine. India alone is now on the verge of reaching 1 lakh cases as I write. COVID-19 is impacting every single person from all walks of life. The economic loss suffered by countries and institutions will take years to recover. As rightly put by Prime Minster, Narendra Modi, COVID-19 is here to stay and we need to now shift our focus to re-building our economy. The stimulus of 20 Lakh crore announced by Prime Minister is a ray of hope that is designed to turn the crises into opportunity and protect the ones who need the most. As the fight against the virus continues, it is our endeavor to show direction through various remedieal measures one can adopt to counter the negative affects of COVID-19.

I am reminded of the following sutra – नास्ति मायासमः पाशो नास्ति योगात्परं बलम नास्ति ज्ञानातत्परो बन्धुर्नाहन्कारात्परो रिपु:

There isn’t a trap like that of illusion. There isn’t a source of strength like Yoga. There isn’t a comrade like Knowledge. There isn’t a nemesis like ego.

Knowledge and Yoga are the best ways to combat adversaries. On the occasion of International Yoga Day (June 21), our cover story is on Yoga and its benefits to help during such crises. We are excited to have Kamlesh Barwal, CEO, Sri Sri School of Yoga and Secretary General, Indian Yoga Association to provide direction on how Ashtanga Yoga can be practiced to bring positivity and improve overall health. This is the time when we must increase the flow of prana (life force energy) in the body along with relaxation of the mind through Asana, Pranayama and Meditation. Ashtanga Yoga is the ancient philosophy of Yoga as enunciated by Maharishi Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras - literally meaning ‘the eight limbs of yoga’

In the past Dr. Nemani Venkata Raghunatha Rao have shared different Parasara and Jaimini astrological combinations in determining a native’s potential to be the top political leader, such as a Prime Minister or a President of a country. In this article, he shares a few observations using Pushkara Navamsa in top political leaders’ birth charts and shows what it takes to be the great leader.

Shifting focus on to the unique techniques of horoscope study, H Ramadas Rao presents how one can determine Brahmopadesham using Nadi Astrology. Upanayana, is a traditional Hindu Sanskar (rite of passage), also called “sacred thread ceremony”, where the concept of Brahman is introduced to a young boy. This is an important milestone in the life of men. Hence, knowing when to perform this ceremony is critical. Nadi Astrology has a unique and accurate method to predict when Brahmopadesham takes place.

Occupation plays a critical role in an individual’s life. The article by Kartheek Darbha details out the various aspects and impact of fourth and tenth Bhavas on an individual’s horoscope. He illustrates that the tenth house in horoscope of an individual throws light on the occupation of the person. The good and evil planets have an impact deciding the quality of occupation and performance in different roles and responsibilities the person takes. In addition to the tenth house, the fourth house and its relationship with the tenth house deals about self-employment.

We have an article on Remedial measures. Dr. Gary Gomes showcasing his knowledge about various remedies offered by gochara, nakshatras, colors and scents that do work during planetary transits. He believes wearing secondary stones (upratnas) can be beneficial for malefic planetary transits.

On that note, the most common question we all ponder is, ‘Whether a remedy works or not?’ The answer is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Like any other solution to a problem, the solution will work only if all the related parameters are taken into consideration and the solution is implemented with complete faith. Indranil Ray, in a simple manner brings attention to the philosophy of prayer as a remedty and offers guidance on the various kinds of remedies at a psychological level one can adopt in life.

During times of difficulty, it is normal to look up to someone for solution or to show direction. The aspect called “faith” plays an important role, which differs from person to person. And faith is largely related to the position of Guru or Jupiter in a horoscope. वामनो विबुधेज्यस्य

Jupiter or Guru is considered to manifest as the vamana avatar of Vishnu. Vamana shows that it is faith and not ego that ultimately triumps. Dr. N. Chandrashekar shows us a simple guide to understand and determine the faith quotient in a horoscope.

Continuing on astrological perspectives and analysis of COVID-19, Dr. M. R. Badarinath shares his analysis and impact of various planets leading to such situation.

We wish all the readers safety and health.

Happy reading to you all. Please do share your comments or feedback at info[at]astrologicalmagazine[dot]com.

Raman Suprajarama

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