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फलानि ग्रहचारेण सूचयन्ति मनीषिणः ।
को वक्ता तारतम्यस्य तमेकं वेधसं विना ॥

When is the second wave of Coronavirus in India going to end? Are we heading to a third wave? Look at planets and data for guidance and readiness.


Raman Suprajarama

India is under massive attack of the second wave of the deadly Coronavirus that is lashing out livelihoods and lives. With 4 lakh new cases emerging daily, the pandemic has taken a toll on every support system of the country. The variants of the deadly virus are mutating at a rapid rate and has completely taken the healthcare system under its control. Senior Editor, Raman Suprajarama presents a thoroughly researched article with deep analysis taking into consideration two different angles – Data Science and Vedic Astrology. Both are profound sciences that deal with large data being collected in a systematic and scientific manner, which are further modelled and analysed to make predictions. The article further takes into consideration the planetary positions during some of the recent epidemics and pandemics. With the patterns emerging out of the analysis of past events and planetary positions, the author provides analysis of possibilities of a Covid-19 third wave in the near future.

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