फलानि ग्रहचारेण सूचयन्ति मनीषिणः ।
को वक्ता तारतम्यस्य तमेकं वेधसं विना ॥

January 2022 issue

January 2022 issue of The Astrological eMagazine

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World Trends and Tensions 2022

Understand the impact of planets on the major world trends. Get a view of the astrological outlook presented for India, US and UK.

Raman Suprajarama

The 2022 world trends and tensions outlook presented by our Senior Editor, Raman Suprajarama show us the rapidity with which the world is changing. Saturn oscillates from Capricorn to Aquarius and back. Jupiter transit Pisces during most part of the year. In India, Śubhakṛta commences when the Gemini rises at 15 degrees 14 mins in Aries Navamsa in New Delhi. The general outlook for India seems to be challenging for general affairs and public health, as Mercury, lord of the ascendant, is debilitated in the tenth house, in Pisces. Whereas, for the USA, the foreign trade will be good. The presence of Venus and Mercury in the eleventh house indicates good demand supply equation and an all-round performance of various sectors. The pandemic has severely affected United Kingdom. In 2022, Mars Bhukti starts from March 2022. Healthcare industry must gear up for a burst of diseases. The article is a must read to get an glimpse at what's in store for India, US and UK.



Understand the significant sky events and astrological prognostications of 2022.

R S Maniam

2022 will see four eclipses – two partial solar eclipses and two total lunar eclipses. The year 2022 will see peculiar transits of the planets. - Mars is moving closely with Venus; an interesting graha mallika as a spiritual blessing; a violent Mars retrogression involving the constellation of Rohini will be a significant highlight of the year 2022. Notice the interesting numerology on 2/2/2022, the five-digit with number two will bring some hidden message to the world. Discover more about these transits in the article titled Significant Sky Events and Astrological Prognostications by R S Maniam. With a string of titles and awards given by different groups for his proficiency in astrology, Jothida Acharya R. S. Maniam had worked as a Medical Enforcement Officer in profession and currently is a clinical instructor and coordinator at Lincoln University College in Malaysia.


Predictions for 2022 - All Moon Signs

Your Moon sign tells the story of your life. Know what's in store for the year 2022 based on your horoscope and Moon sign.

Lalitha Donatella Riback

As we head into a new year, let's look at what our planets are telling us. Our New Year edition is incomplete without the most awaited yearly predictions by Lalitha Donatella Riback. Read about what your life holds for you in the coming year in the areas of profession, finance, relationships, health and learning. Use this outlook wisely to plan and better your life and lifestyle! Lalitha Donatella Riback holds a B.A. in Vedic arts and science from the Academy of Vedic Art and Science, and certifications as a yoga teacher, Reiki master, and Ayurveda consultant. She also holds an advanced certification in DNA Astrology from AstroVed. Lalitha has been a professional Vedic astrologer for 11 years.

[Chief Editor Column]

Is your House Oriented to the Right Direction?

Get a bird’s eye view of importance of cardinal directions for understanding orientation of a building.

Bangalore Niranjan Babu

Sanku Sthapana is commonly misunderstood as laying of the foundation stone. Sanku Sthapana is not a religious ritual but a totally scientific act of arriving at the true cardinal directions. Our Chief Editor, Bangalore Niranjan Babu throws light on how Astrology and Vastu principles can be used to find the cardinal directions for proper orientation of a building.



Learn more about the Fifth Bhava or Putra Bhava and its significance in a female horoscope.

Prof. Dr. N. S. Murthy

Irrespective of all the uncertainties due to continuously mutating virus and pandemic, marriage and childbirth remains the most anticipated event. Dr. N. S. Murthy’s insight on Fifth Bhava, also known as Putra Bhava sheds light on each planet’s impact on Fifth Bhava and how Fifth Bhava is especially very important in a female horoscope including the impact of the sins committed in her previous life. Fifth Bhava can also indicate if the female suffers from sterility, irregular menses or uterine infections based on the malefic planet associations.


Personal Panchanga for Self-Transformation With Key Focus On Dina : PART 1

Personal panchanga has an influence on the life of an individual. Know how you can determine the soul's purpose by understanding the role of Dina (vedic weekday).

Dr. Rahul Raveendran Nair

During this time of lockdowns and being homebound, most people have either consciously worked towards or have naturally experienced selftransformation. Dr. Rahul Raveendran Nair focuses on Dina (vedic weekday) while sharing the details of Personal Panchanga for self-transformation. Expression of physical energy helps a Soul to pay off its Karmic debts. How to determine the special characteristics for the expression of physical energy? Read the article to know how it all works. The author holds a PhD degree in Plant Biotechnology and currently works as a Research scientist in a Conservation laboratory (Aushmath Biosciences) located at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.


Enhance Decision Making Skill with Astrology

Are you a born decision-maker? Your horoscope can tell you more about your decision making skills.

Archana Murthy

In her article, Archana Murthy highlights that both Astrology and Indic sciences can explain how few people are born with good decision-making skills while others need to acquire them. By looking at an individual’s horoscope, we can deduce if a person takes good decisions or bad or cannot decide at all. Archana Murthy is an Astrology Consultant with an M.A (Astrology), M.A Bridge (Astrology in Sanskrit), M.B.A (Singapore), Kovida (Sanskrit) and 18 years of Corporate Experience