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A rare article sharing insights about five important works from Kerala and secrets hidden in these works.

Secrets, Practices and Methods of Kerala Astrologers.

K. Balakrishna Panicker

OUR sastras are very particular of giving indications of how the authors subsequently in later parts of the work are approaching the subject. They call it by the name Chikeershitham and they do it immediately after the mangalacharanam. Some authors are extraordinarily brilliant, as for them, everything is said in a nutshell in the first sloka itself. Our Varahamihira, for example, has not only crystallised the whole ocean of Astrology into his mangalacharanam (invocation) but also has thrown open the window to the mode of calculation for the discovery of a lost horoscope 'Nashta Jathaka Vidhi' in moorthithve pariikalpita. Such is the brevity and poetic deliniation of our Rishis which cannot be found anywhere else. Truly said in Mahabharata 'What is here you can find it elsewhere, but what is not here, you cannot find anywhere'.

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Let me pause here for a moment to say that the cloud of aversion against astrology on the part of self-imposed rationalists and pseudo-scientists of modern times is being wiped off; thanks to the efforts of our 'Thrylokyadeepa' the great Dr. B. V. Raman. Astrology is being recognised as a science because of his infallible astrological predictions having been corroborated by the modern scientific researches. I am also equally proud of the success of our Indian Scientists who have won over the sending of satellite 'Rohini'. True, it is the success of modern science. But we cannot forget their failure also in the prior attempts to send satellite 'Bhaskara'.

Before going into the Prasana Marga which is unique in the delineation of 'Prasna' let us examine the earlier contributions of Kerala to this science of astrology. We find five important works from Kerala. I am listing them below:

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