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Planetary Evils and Remedial Measures

By Yajnavalkya

The science of astrology provides the means to overcome the evil indications of planets. Our correspondent writes about the five mysterious functions of forces or energies are mentioned in our Upanishads.

The science of astrology becomes utterly useless if it does not provide the means to overcome the evil indications of planets. There is absolutely no fatalism in astrology and the so-called inevitable is an ignorant fiction of the half-educated brain. The higher the human knowledge, the greater are the chances of material and moral advantages to be secured.

For one to be an astrologer, a thorough knowledge of astrology and kindred sciences is essential. We have ourselves seen a few imposters, who not knowing even the fundamentals of Astrology, have been posing themselves as astrologers and prescribing remedies, and exploiting the public. The chances for such quacks to thrive well have become more congenial especially after the death of Prof. B. Suryanarain Rao a great adept in the art of remedial measures. We warn our readers not to be carried away by the lure of advertisements, and become easy preys to merciless exploitation. They must be very careful and satisfy themselves fully before they enter into any business with any so called specialist in remedial measures or astrology.

Maharishi Matanga observes that the human body is a bundle of electrical currents—Vidyutsakti—and that the proper concentration of these electrical energies constitutes what is called health, wealth, peace of mind, long life, prosperity and financial success

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