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Hindu shastras stipulate five conditions for the remarriage of an once-married girl. Sri P. S. Iyer writes about these, and shows how astrology helps people lead a happy second life.

Astrological Insights For Second Marriage

P S Iyer

MARRIAGE is not a contract or an arrangement for cohabitation of a man and wife with a view to attaining biological satisfaction. It is an institution by itself. It brings the bride and the groom spiritually and materially closer insists on their taking a solemn vow to live happily in implicit love and with mutual faith, confidence and good-will. Even according to the present Hindu law a marriage is defined to be legally solemnised only when the ritual, known as saptapadi or "seven steps", is performed. Mantras recited at this ritual in the form of a spiritual conversation between the bridegroom and the bride are quite potential and sanguine and are pregnant with meaning.

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Hindu shastras stipulate five conditions for the remarriage of an once-married girl These are similar to those contained in the present Hindu Law of India, viz., a girl of re-marriageable age can be permitted to choose another life partner of her choice only if her (first) husband is lost, dies at very very young age, becomes a mendicant, proves to be impotent or incapable of performing sex or is fallen from the society— apparently due to his own misdeeds. But alas ! these days divorce and re-marriages have become a fashion and prestige and even the court procedures have been much simplified to encourage divorce.

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