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The astrological classics have given importance to the 10th house in a natal chart. A current understandstanding of the environment enables one to indicate the actual nature and type of the profession in modern times.

Astrologically, Which Profession Suits You?

Dr. R. S. L. Srivastava, M.Sc., Ph.D., F.N.A. Sc.,

THE classics in astrology have given great importance to the 10th house in a natal chart. It is the house of Karma, profession or means of livelihood. It normally falls under the sign in the azimuth at the time and place of one's birth.

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In Jataka (predictive astrology), significance is attached to the upachaya houses. The 10th house is one of them; the others are the 3rd, the 6th and the 11th. Planets posited in these houses assume special powers. Since the 10th house, besides being an upachaya, is also a kendra (angle), planets posited in it assume still great importance. While the 3rd house is the significator of courage, younger brothers, neighbours and servants, the 6th house indicates the status in respect of maternal uncle, enemy, litigation and diseases. The 11th house governs elder brother and gains. One who is lucky in respect of these houses gets extra advantage and added strength. Further, if the 10th house is also favourable for him, he is bound to make a mark in life.

Many good articles have appeared in the past on this subject in The Astrological Magazine. This subject is so extensive that it is not possible to do justice to it in a single article. Here we shall attempt to present an environmental approach to the determination of profession from a natal chart in the context of modern times.

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