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Mark Kincaid writes about the potential, selfimprovement and self-development nature of astrology enabling us to self-transform any such negative influence of planets, into positive ones!

The Greatest Astrological Breakthrough in 2,000 Years

Mark Kincaid

The entire field of astrology is going through some of the most profound and far-reaching changes and improvements today. In the western system of astrology a completely new, 23-degree more accurate Sidereal western system has been introduced in this uniquely western astrology which is a very profound development because for the first time, this special western system is now approaching more of the accuracy of the eastern, Jyotish system which has always been so “actual sky” or Sidereal oriented.

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It took me about a year but in about 12 months – I finally began to ‘see’ what had long been missing in all such previous astrology and why such traditional astrology’s have not become that well-known in terms of being used in such an enlightenment way. What I discovered was the very nature and potential of astrology to be used in such a vital and important of “self-development” ways I thus began what later would turn out to be an over 25-year, exploration and research study into exactly how astrology is supposed to be used as such an important and significant of self-development tools. A good rule of thumb to follow to determine whether one has been able to improve one’s very planets is that traditional value-system of astrology which classifies people’s planets as debilitated, negative, neutral, positive, planets in their own signs and exalted planets.

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